451 Research report names Prevalent as a leader in Third-Party Risk Management.

Attackers like to follow the path of least resistance, and as organizations increasingly rely on partners and a growing assortment of cloud applications to fulfill various business functions, that path more commonly leads to an organization’s myriad third-party relationships.


The first unified Vendor Risk Management and Vendor Threat Monitoring platform.

Utilizing purpose built third-party assessment technology and vendor threat intelligence, Prevalent enables organizations to understand the risks posed by third parties and monitor brand, operational, and security threats throughout the course of your contracts.

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Incident Response and 3rd Party Risk Panel Discussion

Watch as a group of experts in cybersecurity, incident response, and 3rd party risk discuss best practices for managing incident response when you don’t directly oversee the data at risk, but still have considerable liability.

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You are only as strong as your weakest link.

The nature of managing risks posed by external infrastructure, consultants, and vendors creates a unique, urgent challenge. “Can you easily identify your critical vendors, third-party applications, and the risk associated with these relationships?”

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Complete vulnerability and controls assessment from the cloud.

Prevalent Compliance as a Service can help you quickly assess and manage the effectiveness of your technical controls and vulnerabilities.

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